"Women are the Steering Committee for the Global Economy."

Women are the Will, Business is the Way and Sustainable Standards will Keep us all Honest.

IWWT Media

Feel free to use our presentations and make them your own. Our mission is to instigate discussions and enable thought leadership on all levels. We welcome your input.

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Social Responsibility

Going green means taking care of the eco-issues first but for the very first time social issues are also being identified and tallied with the results being stored in an open-source data bank.

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Kiss Kiss

In Women We Trust chronicles the relationship between dominant market drivers: A three way marriage between Women Consumers, Business, and Sustainable Practices. 

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Speakers on IWWT are true thought leaders who refuse to be reigned in by the status quo…they push pins into common practices, question solutions that can’t hold up across all platforms, and expand

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