Green to Gold: Keep it Sincere and be the green you want to see in the world

Posted by on Jun 18, 2007

Joan_bladesBIZ WARNING SHOT: According to BlogHers ACT coordinators Emily McKhann and Cooper Munroe, "two weeks ago a Google search of the term “BlogHers Act” turned up zero hits and today there are almost 40,000"! ONE of those contributing ideas for the BlogHersACT project was Joan Blades a founder of Mom’s Rising (80,000 members) and (3 million or so). She suggested that global warming be the top issue as did many of the rest of us. At the Chicago July meeting, we’ll find out which topic will become our year long project. I’m hoping the membership will agree to go for global warming. With Joan’s machine’s as part of the base of operation, I’m sure we can turn that 40,000 into bazillions in a year’s time and change the market, which will change the world, forever.


I’m a sucker for airport books, the ones that beckon my brain during layovers. Green to Gold grabbed my eye in O’Hare last night. It was timely. I was coming back home after attending a Train the Trainer course for SMART Sustainable Standards. SMART covers 60% of the products and is comparable to the California Gold Standard. Both are for those who are serious about bringing down Global Warming.

Green to Gold overviews which companies are doing what and some of the pitfalls of greenwashing a product, such as the PR backlash and the cost of putting off compliance. It’s their tagline that bothered me, however. How Smart companies use environmental strategy to innovate, create value, and build competitive advantage. I’m firmly in touch with my inner capitalist, but I’m also a consumer and one who cares whether the world goes on ticking or not. I want to buy from people and places who see the world through the same, green glasses I do. Pategonia didn’t need a "strategy," they did what was right for the planet from the start and for that, I will be loyal.

Yes, we have to change our ways fast if we’re going to make our products and our world sustainable, but could we be a tad more sincere about it? When I see "strategy" attached to something that should have been "lifestyle" all the way along, I question the company’s intent. I can live with a reformed sinner, just admit it and don’t work me, ok? In other words, be the green you want to see in the world.

Sincerity goes a long way and when you’re faced with the possibility of millions of bloggers chatting you up or down, sincerity sells best in a market you can’t control.

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