Competition Pushes Where Policies Fail

Posted by on Sep 5, 2011

For environmentalists and moms concerned about clean air, last week in DC was a ball bat to the knees, but before we give up hope that politics and policies are the only way we can get something accomplished, let’s look at again at an article Ad Age ran back in March.

Competition Drives Marketers to Come Clean in Ingredients – Bill Stalled in Congress, but Seventh Generation, Method Provide Impetus for Clorox, SCJohnson

Back then, the problem wasn’t air, it was “transparency of ingredients,” the bill mentioned and put on hold was designed to force transparency in all products, meanwhile good old competition (i.e. Impetus) was forcing transparency in the market all by itself.

Competition is what drives business to create better products, better pricing, better distribution, better service, better communication… because of competition, Clorox and SCJohnson are becoming transparent about their product’s ingredients.

Maybe it’s time we rethink our systems for keeping business in check. If congress can’t move fast enough, perhaps it’s time to take a more direct approach and eliminate the middle, political discussion.

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