Women and Babies Win, J&J baby shampoo gets a makeover

Posted by on Nov 1, 2011

Back in April 2009, the Green Mom Carnival took action along with many other mad moms. Read the case study here of  what happens when you don’t listen to your mother…

Today Johnson and Johnson announced that it’s going to clean up it’s act. Catch the full Forbes write up here. 

In 2009, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, along with 40 other organizations (including American Nurses Association, Physicians for Social Responsibility, the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners) sent a letter to J&J outlining their concerns with the company’s products, particularly its baby shampoo. The American Nurses Association and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics have since met several times with Johnson & Johnson executives to discuss the matter. The content of those discussions is confidential, but it seems as though if progress were being made, the organization would not have been sending around its latest report, under embargo, yesterday.

Go Moms! Women are the will!!

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