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Posted by on Jan 16, 2012

This post honors the January Green Moms Carnival, hosted by Amber Strocel on the topic of Resolutions for Climate Change. 

It’s hard to keep excited about Climate Change when so many (still) don’t think it’s real. Thankfully, Climate Change is gaining tipping point momentum as reality sets in, citizens voice their concerns, and  more businesses adopt greener and learner practices. Real change takes pressure from all sides.


To keep myself fired up in 2012:

  • I resolve to sign every petition that comes my way which supports renewable energy, organic and local food production, less plastic products, population control, transparency in businesses… in short anything that puts common sense into action. If you want to create your own movement start at
  • I resolve to stop referring to our business leaders as “leaders” unless they truly are taking a leadership position. Patagonia’s founder,  Yvon Chouinard, is a leader; his stewardship for sustainable retail practices is spilling over onto other companies. His business is morphing as the climate changes, from snow-based entertainment to no-snow hiking and water sports. If ever there was a canary to watch and emulate for business climate change, it’s Patagonia. They are caretakers of the planet and the value of my dollar with clothing that wears well for years. That’s what corporate leadership looks like.

    I also resolve to stop referring to our congressmen jointly as political “leaders” when they are followers, i.e. following what lobby money tells them to do. When was the last time you felt that a congressmen represented your needs and lead the way? They do follow something besides lobby money, however, just like business they honor people with petitions in their hands. There’s a petition making tool on that lets you get started.  If you want something to change, it’s not who you vote for as much as what you vote for in an unofficial way between elections that forces our political “followers” to become leaders.

  • Lastly, I resolve to stay involved, be positive, and voice my opinion on posts, tweets, and comments, plus add my signature to petitions that work to solve climate change through socially responsible companies.

It’s easy to give up, it’s easy to do nothing, but where’s the fun in that?


  1. Words to live by…I to want to see true leaders…lets not accept anything less..thank you!

  2. I’m so glad you resolve to stay involved. You have so many incredible ideas and visions. Thanks for all you do Mary!


  1. | Resolving to Fight Climate Change in 2012 - [...] of In Women we Trust is making a Business Climate Change Resolution. She’s working hard to create real change. …

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