Seed Money: The Growing of McDonald Poppy Ads

Posted by on Feb 7, 2012

Here is outdoor advertising that women will love that will last longer than one of McDonald’s chemically-ladened burgers. While I’m not a fan of fast food, I do love creative thinking that also meets with Mother Nature’s expectations.  It’s called seed bombing… planting seeds where you least expect them and then let time grow a roadside billboard. Brilliant.

In this case McDonalds took it to a new level by using the California poppy, which as California’s state flower is illegal to dig up. No worries for those who hate the idea, poppies only bloom for 1-2 months and then their seeds will spread on the wind — next year the golden arches will be a golden blob of yellow that will spread and spread some more.  I’d like see more seed money put to use like this wouldn’t you?  It’s far more sustainable than those monster billboards.  Thanks for the tip, Marianne.

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  1. Simple but so effective. Love the article.

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