May 8th: Time to Celebrate the Emerging/Merging Women of the World!

Posted by on Mar 7, 2012

Take a gal pal to lunch.  It’s time to celebrate the will of women!

 March 8th is International Women’s Day – a day to take pride in what has been accomplished once women took the tools of change into their own hands and spoke out for peace, healthy food,  safe products, clean air for all, global support for all women, and so much more.

This year’s IWD theme is “Connecting Girls. Inspiring Futures.” It’s a timely slogan considering that this year is also the Girl Scouts of American’s 100th anniversary — an organization that has been connecting and inspiring generations of girls.

In 2012 women are emerging, looking up from their head’s-down-effort and merging with others who may have been doing the same thing on the other side of the city. I’m constantly stunned at the incredible work women are doing on shoestring budgets — or just surviving such as walking 4 miles for water each day…

The hard work is getting noticed – finally.

While some of our mainstream media chooses to champion the vile of our society,  Newsweek has taken the opposite approach (through The Daily Beast), it highlights the women who are crafting positive change  – every   single   day. Why The Beast earns my daily check in, however, is because they are supporting women’s professional work in the world as well as our work inside our homes. Ms. Magazine has been doing that since the 70s, and finally mainstream media is giving credit where credit is due. Thank you!

International Women’s Day is truly a day to celebrate — a time to reflect on women-made ideas, hand-crafted with love and launched into a world of peace. Need inspiration during the other 364 other days of the year?  Go to Twitter and do a search using #women – prepare to be dazzled with ideas. Or log in under #GMcarnival and get an idea of what sustainable actions look like.





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