Sustainability Drivers, Start Your Engines…

Posted by on Apr 10, 2012

Women are the will, corporations are the way and sustainable standards will keep us all honest – globally.

TREND ONE: Women are the majority buyers of consumer goods and the majority rules. Tethered to that is another fun fact — that the more women a company has on their board and has as  employees, the higher the profits are for that business. (It takes one to know one…)

TREND TWO: Corporations are the ruling class. Over 1 million people signed a petition from Just Label It to require GMO labeling and yet the money that one company (Monsanto) is using on lobbyists to influence Congress is having more impact than voting citizens. Just saying…

TREND THREE: The Standardization of Sustainability Rules. The Sustainability Consortium is getting closer to providing that all-inclusive sustainable measurement and reporting system (SMRS) that companies and citizens will abide by. Companies will abide by it because Wal Mart and their top vendors who control the consumer product world are creating it. Whatever the big boys want, the small kids will follow.  Citizens will follow because we have no choice, whatever is served up by Wal Mart and their vendors…

The Sustainability Consortium may not set the highest bar, but at least it provides a common playing field for multinational corporate players with borderless products. With SMRS better and better products will compete and rise to the top because that’s where competition always lives – at the top.

Check out their latest roll out below. Whether this is good or bad has yet to be decided, but the three drivers are in place and ready to play off of each other.

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