What Spins Our Earth Day?

Posted by on Apr 19, 2012

Viva La Revolution!

Earth Day is on April 22, let’s celebrate what makes our world(s) turn.

After seeing The Daily Show’s send up on how women aren’t heard, I’m posting what’s on our speaker’s minds. What issues on HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, or SOCIAL JUSTICE are important to women? What is so compelling that we want to write, speak, or promote it?


CAROLYN PARRS – every single week Carolyn brings the voices of women forward on her site, Women of Green. This month she tackled the affect of green economy on women.

“Women usually provide their families with key resources for their livelihoods, such as fuel wood, medicinal plants, fodder, food, nuts, they collect seeds, so biodiversity means everything to them, as they depend on the non-monetary benefits of biodiversity.”  Catch the full story.

TAIHA WAGNER - Taiha doesn’t write posts, instead she pours her bandwidth into teaching others and last week hosted a Detox Lunch and Learn at Healthy Living Chiropractic. Catch her next event on JustOneBite.net.

MICAELA PRESTON - Our Mindful Momma, gave a steller review on a snack pack alternative. If it passes the Micaela test, it must be good.

KAREN HANRAHAN has been under the inspiration weather in April, but offered Three Natural Shifts to No More Asthma, in March. Karen also uses her blog as a showcase for her photography – it’s so easy to take a picture, but not with Karen’s eye for color and balance.

LORI POPKEWITZ ALPER squarely took on P&G starting a petition and asked, “Since when is cancer free and gentle.” At this point, “Procter & Gamble (makers of Tide Free & Gentle®) has blatantly ignored the 75,000 people who’ve contacted them to remove the cancer-causing chemical 1,4-dioxane from Tide Free & Gentle®. Lori isn’t resting. “Now it’s time to turn up the volume.”  


HARRIET SHUGARMAN our Climate Mama keeps us tethered to the reason we all started down this path — climate change –and what we need to do to stop it. She posts a report from the top of Mauna Lao Observatory, 14,000 feet above sea level. She’s the one who pointed out that we had 15,000 record heat days for March across the US.

AMBER KEENOY – is writing up case studies on the green buildings.

BETH TERRY found a great flash mob thing to do if you’re in San Francisco on April 20th from 11-1, bring your own container to lunch and eliminate lunchtime waste. She’s also offering a lunch box giveaway, check it out. Imagine how much LESS trash we would have if each of us carried our our lunch box picnic supplies. Such an easy thing to do and it would instantly raise your personal cool factor.

LISA BORDEN of Borden Communications spends her time blogging and tweeting on behalf of her green client’s, but she has such an impressive list of “must haves’ on her site that you need to check it out. She calls it The Big List. Save the list for the next time you want to give a really useful gift.

DIANE MACEACHERN was who Al Jazerra called they needed an expert to round out their panel on an oil spill near Brazil. This is a very thoughtful news segment, with no soundbites. Diane gives out the facts on why this is such a serious issue and today there is more on our own Gulf Coast Oil spill’s longterm kill off of species. (I’m now a huge fan of Al Jazerra — their deep dive reporting is a refreshing change from sound bite land.)

LYNN ANNE MILLER – PR specialst and marketer, is also off working hard for her green clients, but her monthly contribution to the world in the form of Green Mom Carnival lives on. With over 72,000 followers, Green Moms carry their own clout factor for eco and social fixes.


MARTHA BURK who has been fighting for women’s rights and social justice for  decades, offers a timely interview with Lilly Ledbetter during Equal Pay day. Catch the full story…

But plain old sex discrimination plays a big part. Lilly Ledbetter found out the hard way after 19 years at Goodyear, when she learned she had been underpaid all along compared to men doing the same job. She sued — and won in lower courts. But the Supreme Court overturned 40 years of precedent when it ruled against her in the now-infamous Ledbetter v. Goodyear case, saying she should have complained earlier — even though she didn’t know about the discrimination.

JOAN BLADES  has been shifting her time between Moms Rising and Custom Fit Workplace. She shares
an insight on what it’s like to work in a High Performance Workplace.

I had lunch with a half dozen of the managers and asked them how things have changed since HPWP training began last year. I was told the plant is completely different: Employees are coming in with solutions instead of complaining. There is dramatically less shrinkage (product being taken). More information is being shared with employees. Driver meetings include guests speakers, taste tests, and quarterly reports. “Folks now believe management will fix things when they bring up problems.” Turnover has gone down. They are finding more talent in the company and also have better options when hiring.

Why isn’t everyone doing this?

KATY FARBER is taking a more artful approach to Earth Day by entering a poetry contest.  As a teacher and author of several books, Katy uses her teaching and social media platform to mainstream green.

MARCIA G. YERMAN summed up perhaps best what this Earth Day Post is about – citizen leadership as posted on Moms Clear Air Force.

“I recently picked up a book by Peter Alduino called The Citizen Leader. Alduino’s biography describes him as having twenty years of experience in the field of leadership development, personal growth, and executive coaching…. Alduino’s “core belief” is that we are “co-creators of the world we live in,” thereby contributing to the character of the society around us. Catch the full story…

Thank you ladies, for your continued work to change the conversation in our homes, offices, and our global community.

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