It’s Time for California Girls to VOTE

Posted by on Oct 11, 2012

Here are two infographics that tell the story behind the story.

YES on Prop 37 in California is about labeling GMO foods. It’s not about eliminating them, just label GMOs and let the free market decide.  The NO vote campaign is funded by millions and millions of big business dollars. That’s right, the same corporations who want the free market to work don’t want to give out the information necessary for the free market to work. Go figure.

On the surface it’s about labeling our food. Take one step higher, however, and this proposition (and election for that matter) is really about big business that you have no say in, running your life — with or without your permission.

Below are a couple of infographics that tell the bigger tale — the first, who’s paying to defeat Prop 37 and the second, the top ten companies who control the the food production chain.

Please vote YES for the right to know what’s in your foodchain.

For the complete big picture, read up on Michael Pollan’s article in the NY Times. 










  1. As goes California, so goes the world. Good luck with this. We all have a right to know, and it shouldn’t have to be legislated!

  2. On so many issues in this election, the right to choose is being subsumed by big business and corporate interests..What is best for citizens is being ignored. WE MUST vote and show the power of people and take this power back..Thanks Mary for making things clear…

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