Our Choices – Spread Hate or Spread Compassion

Posted by on Nov 3, 2012

I’m one of the lucky ones, I pulled my cable TV plug last year and have been blissfully blessed with no political ads this season, but I can still read and this one has put me over the top. It explains why the Republicans are spreading lies over and over and not apologizing for them:

Sometimes we do things to cause a reaction,” Joseph said, adding later, “I was raised in the school of politics of Reagan-Bush ’84 under Lee Atwater, and one of the things he taught me is that you win elections when your opponents react to what you do.” …

…Joseph said the important part of his campaign was not that people might have been offended, but that he was exercising a new, effective form of free speech.,,,”I’m talking with you not because what we did was not successful,” Joseph said. “I’m talking with you because what we did worked.” … ”I do this for freedom. My bottom line is this is about freedom.Full story here.

The above is in reaction to hate tweets generated by an ad agency on behalf of the Republican party. The tweets are indicative of an entire campaign and a party gone very, very wrong.

Is this the kind of world we want our kids to grow up and aspire to — lie, lie, lie, and lie some more as long as you get the reaction you want? Throw out the 10 commandments, the brownie pledge, or the fair playing field concepts  - only the ends justify the means in the Republican world and it doesn’t matter you you defame.

Is this the kind of a world we want our businesses to flourish one of distrust and perpetual hate and where women are second class citizens not smart enough to make our own decisions or be paid for equal work? Or what policies you support to add more toxins into our air, food, water, and atmosphere? Is the American dollar more important that anything and anyone else?

Chris Christie has lived on that side of the red side of the fence, but in my eyes he fully redeemed himself as a fellow human when asked on FoxNews about giving Romney a post Sandy tour, If you think right now I give a damn about presidential politics, then you don’t know me,”  Finally, common sense was being restored, Jersey style!

The citizens in Sandy’s wake could care less about that dollar right now. It can’t buy them food when there is no way to get to the store, or gas when the pumps have no power, or comfort when warmth was washed away along with their homes.

In light of this devastation and the billions it will take to restore the lives bl0wn apart, the Republicans continue to perpetuate hate. Instead of supporting Governor Christy as one doing what he was elected to do and showing true leadership and compassion, the Murdocks of the world are starting a new waves of hate crimes, turning on their own for the offense of performing their elected duties and taking care of their constituencies.

Thank you President Obama for quickly pulling the full forces of FEMA the US government together to help US citizens in need. Thank you New Jersey Governor Chris Cristie, and all the east coast governors working together across state, party, and downed telephone lines.   I am so very proud of your joint efforts. That’s the America I’ll be voting for, where compassion and common sense displace hate.


  1. Thanks for this reminder about basic, decent values and the role they should – though often don’t – play in politics. I hope, when this is all over, we’ll get back to common sense and decency…

  2. Diane – thanks for publishing this on your Vote Carnival roundup. All skip over to BigGreenPurse.com and see what is really at play in this election.

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