Marcia G. Yerman

Writer and Co-Founder of

  • Reporting/Reviewing/Reflecting on issues affecting women and social justice at
  • Co-Founder of – a 501(c) (3) dedicated to the nexus of arts and activism
  • Featured writer for Women News Network, EmpowHER
  • Contributor to Moms Clean Air Force
  • Verticals at Huffington Post, Open Salon, Daily Kos
  • Published on The Women’s Media Center, AlterNet, The Raw Story, RH  Reality
  • Activist on women’s issues, human rights, the environment
  • Providing context and education on things that must be said.

Marcia G. Yerman is a writer, activist, artist and curator based in New York City. Her articles—profiles, interviews, and essays—focus on women’s issues, human rights, the arts and culture. Her writing has been published at Women News NetworkHuffington PostAlterNetThe Women’s Media Center, and The Raw Story—among others.

Marcia is the co-founder of cultureID, a 501(c)(3) for those doing work in the cultural arena with political/social intent and content. cultureID connects non-profit organizations and creatives, to amplify a full range of global issues. Individuals, institutions, arts organizations, and non-profits comprise the community.

Having served as a consultant to non-profit organizations and the business sector, Marcia is currently active in the new media space, recognizing it as a force for building relationships to bring awareness to social justice issues.

PDF Speaker Summary available on request .

Arts and Activism: How Those in the Creative Space can Mobilize Public Opinion through Cultural Endeavors

The Fight for Clean Air: My Writing for Moms Clean Air Force and Why Support for the Environment Must include Parents

Women’s Rights are Human Rights: From sexual traffficking of American girlsto rape as an international tool of war–girls and women are under attack.

Writing to Make an Impact: Social media tools have created a level playing field for those whose voices were previously marginalized. How covering under-the-radar stories begins to move the needle, and how to amplify those stories via social media.


“Marcia Yerman served as the moderator for a Pages & Places Book Festival panel discussion in the fall of 2010. The panel topic addressed the ways societies rebuild themselves after catastrophic events and included experts from a variety of fields (law, photojournalism, politics). Marcia deftly navigated the complex issues raised in the discussion and posed questions that were both incisive and accessible to the audience.

Equally important was the exceptionally professional way she handled herself as a “client” of the festival. She responded promptly to all correspondence, followed up on all queries and contractual questions, and initiated contact with festival organizers and panelists to discuss the format and content of the presentation well in advance of the event. Also of note was her generous co-promotion of our event, ensuring that the festival details reached her contacts through her varied media platforms both before and after the event.

She is an exceptional person to work with, detail-oriented and thorough while also creative and expansive in her ability to bring her vast knowledge and experience to bear on the issue at hand.  -Elizabeth Randol, Ph.D., Co-Director, Pages & Places Book Festival” 2010

“Marcia spoke at the Zonta Club of New York about the use of social networking. She was dynamic and interesting. I was most impressed with the way she answered questions in a succinct, yet instructive manner. I would highly recommend her for a program speaker, and as a consultant in social networking for any company or organization as her knowledge base is extensive and her manner is both professional and engaging,” July 9, 2009 – Leslie Wright, Zonta Club of New York 

Full Speaker Summary available upon request.

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